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Meet our students

  • Xi Luo


    "I have always felt that I was so lucky to be a student at Taylors High School, and not at any other private or public schools."

  • Phuong Thao Doan


    "I was a little shy before enrolling at Taylors High School, but being in constant interaction with students from all around the world made me become much more outgoing."

  • Thuy Nguyen

    Huadong (Derek)

    "Taylors provide a lot of useful information, not only from textbooks, but also in regards to the criteria of the exams and several useful tips to help us study."

  • Tommy Nay Htoo Aung


    "Taylors College was recommended to us and we instantly liked it. I like the friendly atmosphere here and the fact that the teachers are really close to the students."

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