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Pay phones

Australia has an extensive network of Public Phones throughout the country - easily recognized by the orange and blue Telstra emblem.

The cost of local call is 50 cents with most phones accepting coins and prepared telephone cards.

International calls can be made from pay phones. Charges vary depending on the time of day and distance. Sundays are the best day to make interstate or international calls as all day discount rates apply.

The rates for Pre Paid Telephone cards are: $2, $5, $10, $20 and $50. They can be purchased at most Newsagencies, convenience stores and Post Offices.

How much will it cost to call home?

To get more information about the cost of a call to your home country, phone the phone numbers below. Please note that there will be an extra charge for calling these numbers.

Number to call
Local/National Directory Assistance 1223
International Directory Assistance 1225
Call Connect (operator assistance to find and connect to a number) 12456
Reverse Charge (collect call) 1800 362 162

To find a payphone nearest you, visit the Telstra website.

Mobile phones

There are numerous mobile providers in Australia, all offering different plans and services. Visit this website for more information about choosing the right mobile plan for you.


There are 2 main telephone service providers in Australia: Telstra and Optus. The cost of call rates, monthly fees etc vary with each company. Please contact them directly for further information:

Telstra 132 200
Optus 133 345

Email & Internet

There are many internet providers in Australia but the two main ones are Telstra and OptusNet Cable.

The best way to find a complete listing of Internet providers is to do a search for ‘Internet Access Providers’ in the Australian Yellow pages.

Taylors College also provides all students with email/internet access on campus. Free limited wireless access is available on campus.


Australia Post is the national postal service provider. There are post offices located in most Australian suburbs and shopping centres.

Services include postage of letters, faxes, parcels, money orders (similar to a cheque) and a bill paying service.

To find the post office nearest you, visit the Australia Post website.


These links will take you to external sites. Sites will open in a separate window, and are in English unless otherwise indicated.

  • International Dialling codes (Whitepages Australia)
    Calling overseas and not sure of what code to dial before the number? This website will tell you – all you need to do is enter in the country that you are calling from (Australia) and the country you are calling.
  • Choosing an Internet Service Provider (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission)
    What you should consider when choosing an Internet Service Provider.
  • Choosing the right mobile plan (Phone Choice)
    Everything you need to know about mobile phones including plans, phones and troubleshooting.

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