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Leaving home to travel to another country is an exciting experience. It also involves a lot of challenges that you should be prepared for.

Here’s what some of our students and staff say about what you have to look forward to!


“Come to Australia to enjoy a country where cultures coexist and blend together. The weather is great here all year round and a great lifestyle for beach lovers.” - Jihad Lotfi (USFP)

“Learning English is very important to do when travelling overseas.” - She Hai Shan (USFP)

“Students should be prepared to miss their families and friends a lot. Food in Australia is also very different, thus it takes time to find some you’re used to. The weather in Australia will be liked by everyone though.” - Olga Yahkno (USFP)

“Learn how to cook your own meals!” - Bryant Wong Jiaming (USFP)


"Pursue a Maori cultural experience. Also eat a teaspoon of Marmite everyday!" - Kei Eagle (AEP teacher)

"Be prepared to look after yourselves effectively by eating and drinking well prepared meals not relying on buying fast food. Also, be open minded in the culture and way of life you find here." - Mario Torelli (Head of English, Sydney campus)

"Australia is a very tolerant and multi-cultural country, come with an open mind and willingness to learn and adapt to new ways of living." - Smita Sah (Counsellor, Sydney campus)

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