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If you are under 18 years of age you must have an approved Caregiver or a Guardian who is responsible for your well-being.

Who can be a Caregiver?

It is a requirement of Government student visa regulations that you either:

  • live in Australia/New Zealand with your parent or legal custodian, or
  • live in Australia/New Zealand with a relative over 21 years old nominated by your parent or custodian, or
  • go into care arrangements that have been approved by Taylors College.

Taylors College Approved Caregivers

Taylors College has made arrangements with a number of organizations to provide Caregiver services.

They are responsible for meeting you at your accommodation after you arrive in Australia or New Zealand, helping you with opening a bank account, explaining public transport system and talking with you weekly.  They should also meet with you every fortnight and provide a regular report to your parents.

If you wish use one of these organizations, please contact them directly.

Under 18s Welfare and Accommodation Policy

Please contact the Deputy Principal at your campus for information about this policy

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