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Jul 2012

USFP - July 2012 newsletter

USFP graduation – 31 May 2012

The graduation event for the students who completed USFP in July and October 2011 was held on 31 May 2012 at the beautiful Great Hall of the University of Sydney.

As part of the oldest building at the University, the Great Hall provided a spectacular backdrop to the day, which was well represented by students, teachers and official guests.

In addition to the class graduations a number of students performed musical compositions on instruments and there were also three songs. These performances were first class and really demonstrate the varied and amazing talent from our Sydney campus.

Shumpei Oya from Japan represented the students by giving a farewell speech. He summed up his philosophy on his ongoing study and career journey by quoting: "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul!" Watch Shumpei’s graduation speech on YouTube.

‘Uni experience’ at Sydney University

Earlier in the year the USFP students visited The University of Sydney for the ‘Uni Experience’.

This provided a practical and valuable first-hand look at the campus where the majority of the students will go on to study.

Here they were provided with the opportunity to listen to expert University lecturers from disciplines including Accounting, Economics, Physics and Chemistry. The generosity of the lecturers in preparing such interesting and useful content was certainly appreciated by the students.

Tours were organised to visit a number of key areas of the campus such as the Fisher library and Nicholson Museum, in addition to being shown the architecture and IT structure.

The students were also involved in sporting activities, with volleyball and soccer proving popular. Socialising was a predominate feature of the day and needless to say students enjoyed the multiple food options available.

The experience was extremely useful as students had a ‘taste’ of life at the University and were further motivated to achieve their goal - to achieve a place in an undergraduate course there.

The University of Sydney mini expo

In April The University of Sydney held a mini-expo at Taylors College in Sydney.

About 350 graduating USFP students attended lectures from a number of University staff:

• Dr Martin Tomitsch did a presentation on the Bachelor of Design and Computing program
• Dr Leanne Piggot spoke about courses offered by the School of Business, and
• Fortini Athanasakas from the International Office explained the University’s application process.

Additionally, about 380 January USFP and 63 Year 12 students also took advantage of the mini expo, where University faculty staff supplied literature and answered students’ questions.

The event offered the students real insight into the University and the degrees available there. It also demonstrated the strong collaboration between our programs and the University.

Robotics – where for the future?

International robotics experts gather this week at Sydney University to discuss the future of the industry at the 'Robotics: Science and Systems' conference.
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First radio waves from black holes detected by Sydney University staff

The first radio emissions from an intermediate mass black hole have been detected by an international team of astronomers, led by Dr Sean Farrell from Sydney University's School of Physics.
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Current student profile – Anoushka Bhuller

Anoushka is studying the Intensive USFP program, majoring in Science.

From Medan in Indonesia, here she tells us of her experience at Taylors.

After careful research and thorough planning, I decided to study USFP at Taylors College, as it had a great reputation and from all accounts was the best college that provided university preparatory courses in Australia.
I am more certain now that I made the right choice as I am approaching the end of the course.

Having the second highest Human Development Index in the world, Australia certainly has lots to offer. During my stay with an Australian family when I was here previously, I was captivated by the hospitality of Australians.

What program are you planning to study at Sydney University?

I plan to study a Bachelor of Medical Science.

What job would you like to work in when you have finished your study?

I would like to be a neurosurgeon.

Alumni profile – Hyeongkyun SEO

Country: Korea
Graduation from USFP: 2011
Currently studying: Bachelor of Commerce

As a student at the University of Sydney, I can definitely say that completing USFP at Taylors College has helped me a lot when studying the Bachelor of Commerce.

Teachers at Taylors College were very helpful and supportive when I was studying. They helped me to form my own effective study style. I could not have achieved the level of academic learning or developed my English skills without their help. They taught us the importance of goal setting and how to work towards achieving it. The transition to the University was smooth because I was already familiar with the Australian education system from my foundation year at Taylors.

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