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At Taylors, you are part of a vibrant multicultural community of students, teachers and support staff with a shared purpose and values.

Bringing the world together

At Taylors, you’ll enjoy studying and living with friends from different countries. You’ll take a wealth of experience and cultural understanding with you to university and beyond.

Taylors campuses are located in some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities and are truly multicultural.

Mutual respect and support

Our Taylors community shares a real sense of purpose and values. Teachers and students alike gain tremendous satisfaction in learning from and about each other.

Everyone is encouraged to help and give advice to anyone who needs it.

Bringing students together

Our students often come together to enjoy a multitude of activities, where they make friends, socialize and develop their language skills.

You might enjoy a traditional barbecue, watch a football game or organise and participate in a Cultural Festival to share aspects of your culture.

At every campus, students are active in producing a College Yearbook. This will be a lasting record of your student year, created by you and your fellow students.

What to know what our students are up to? Check our the latest events & activites on campus.

A community of success

Above all, you will find that Taylors is a community of success. Teachers and students share a common purpose to create an environment which encourages achievement and success.

Our teachers gain great fulfillment from teaching students who all want to learn, to achieve, to excel – to be the best they can be.

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