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The most effective way of preparing you for university is through a thorough academic curriculum which is adapted and personalised to your needs.

At Taylors, we put you first, actively guiding and managing every part of your studies so you can achieve your goals.

Helping you achieve your goals

At Taylors, our carefully prepared curriculum is adapted and personalized to suit your needs.

We also understand how challenging it can be to study in a totally different country and will help you settle and adapt to life in Australia and New Zealand.

You will develop your complete skill base (academic studies, English language and social skills) which will help you succeed at university.

Free extra tuition in small tutorials

You have access to extra academic assistance when you need it. Free, small-group tutorials are timetabled weekly in each subject.

Access to Study Guides

Unique to Taylors, these are a comprehensive series of booklets, which guide you through the content of a course, including details of curriculum and assessment tasks, supplementary course materials, practice examinations and much more.

Regular feedback on your academic progress

Throughout the academic year, your progress is carefully monitored. At the completion of each term, you will receive a progress report from your teachers, as well as a final report at the end of your course.

Providing a mature study environment

We believe that to be successful at university, you need to be treated as an adult. That’s why our students don’t wear uniforms and our timetable is flexible.

You’ll find our learning environment similar to a University campus.

Guiding you to find the right University

Our tertiary counselors are available on campus to provide you with course and careers advice for the future.

We give you information and advice to help you make decisions about your studies and future career.

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