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You need to feel secure and confident when making the decision to study abroad.

At Taylors College we are fully aware that you are placing your trust in us to support and guide you towards success. You can trust Taylors to fully prepare you for the exciting transition to university.

Why you can trust us

Our academic credentials

We’re proud of the reputation for quality and success we’ve established over many years.

Some of the best universities in the world trust Taylors to prepare students for the demands of university study.

If you choose to study at Taylors and are successful in your studies, we can guarantee that you’ll achieve a place at university.

We care for you

At Taylors, care is central to all that we believe in for each of our students.

Your journey towards success – academic, cultural and personal – is actively managed and supported by all staff, whether teachers, personal counselors or administrators.

The experts trust us

All Taylors campuses are independently accredited by formal Government bodies, whose role is to promote and increase standards in educational delivery.

Our campuses are inspected regularly for quality assurance.

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