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Assessment of English Language

English language proficiency is assessed within the program and each student is awarded a grade from A to F. The C grade is the minimum required for entry to the University of Sydney.

Assessment of Academic Progress

Academic progress is assessed throughout each term and in final examinations at the end of each semester. You performance is carefully monitored and you will be given regular feedback on your progress. Final assessment includes a mixture of coursework and test.

Assessment of Grade Point Average (GPA)

You will receive a grade for each subject, other than English, assessed on a 10-point scale. An average score is calculated across all subjects except English Language. Your GPA is the average of your eight subjects.

USFP Final Grades

University entry is based on two separate results:

  • A letter grade for English
  • A Grade Point Average (GPA) for your other eight subjects

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Jessie Angajaya - University of Sydney Foundation Program

Jessie Angajaya

"The mixture of an enjoyable study environment and a great program at Taylors College helped me to get into the course I always wanted to study at the University of Sydney."
USFP graduate 2010
Currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology at the University of Sydney