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UWA Foundation course

Extended Course

The UWAFP Extended program is designed for students who do not qualify for the Standard program, or who want to develop a more solid foundation in key subjects such as Mathematics or the Sciences.

This course will lead you into the January or July Standard intake later in the year (total of 60 weeks).

Intake start dates
- 21/01
Extended units to complete 2
- 08/07
Units to complete
8 + 16**
60 weeks*
Units to study each term
Academic terms (10 weeks)
Compulsory English units
2 + 4^
Extended subjects to complete English + 3
Remaining electives

* 20 weeks Pre-Foundation followed by 40 weeks Foundation
** 8 subjects during the Pre-Foundation stage then 16 at the Foundation stage
^ 2 subjects during the Pre-Foundation stage then 4 at the Foundation stage

Course Structure

4 Compulsory English units

UWAFP Extended Program Course Structure

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Martin Shum - University of Western Australia Foundation Program

Martin Shum

"The teachers at Taylors are professional and friendly, as well as being knowledgeable and willing to help. The small classes also provided more opportunities for us to share opinions with fellow classmates. My English skills have greatly improved and I feel more confident in my studies."
UWAFP graduate 2009
Studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Corporate Finance and Marketing) at UWA