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Learning and Welfare

We provide an integrated range of services designed to advise and assist you with your study, health, career and personal issues. We are fully committed to ensuring you receive the best possible care whilst you are away from home.

Our extensive range of academic and support services include:

  • Airport collection and transfer
  • Orientation program to help you settle into your studies
  • Free study support timetabled weekly in each subject
  • Tertiary and career counselling
  • Regular reports on academic progress
  • Student Support staff at each campus
  • Health and welfare counselling
  • Social and sporting activities

University and careers advice

One of our prime goals is to give you the individual attention and support you need to succeed. Our tertiary advisors will monitor your academic progress carefully and give you information on the most appropriate university courses and admissions requirements.

Student care

Our support for you will begin before you arrive at our campuses. If you are coming from overseas, you will receive essential, reassuring information about your course and accommodation so that you are well prepared for life in Australia and confident about what you can expect at Taylors.

Our orientation program provides you with information about your course, the campus where you will study and health cover when you arrive.

Experienced staff

Taylors’ staff understands and respect that our students have differing needs and come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

Personal welfare

Your welfare will always be our highest priority. We have a wide range of support staff who provide care for students on campus, including welfare counsellors, first-aid officers and health centres for students. We also provide 24-hour emergency telephone number for you to use if you require our help.

Taylors caregivers

As an additional service for international students under the age of 18, Taylors Caregivers are contracted to liaise with the school and your parents on your academic progress, health and extracurricular activities.

Study Support

To ensure you are on track to achieve your very best in each subject, our teachers offer free, personalised tuition in one-hour timeslots, timetabled each week of the school year in all subject areas.

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