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Student Support

Personal counselling services are available for all Taylors College students.

We are fully committed to ensuring that you receive the best possible care while away from home.

Academic guidance

Study Guides

Foundation students are provided with a comprehensive series of booklets that will guide you through the content of your course. They provide detail of curriculum and assessment tasks, supplementary course materials, learning support and much more. Study Guides are provided with each subject and they give you the crucial extra study material you need.

Tutorial groups

Free tutorials are timetabled weekly for each subject. These will provide you with individual and small group access to your teachers.

Group Advisors and Dean of Students *

Each intake has a special Group Advisor who is there to help you with any academic or personal problems. The Group Advisor and Dean of Students regularly monitor your attendance and academic progress. The Dean of Students is also available for consultation on academic or personal matters.

Online Learning

We are introducing a blended mode of learning which combines online learning with the traditional teacher-led instruction.  You'll be able to revise lessons, send questions online to your teacher and have them answered at the next class.  Most Universities use similar systems so you'll be familiar with these before you start your tertiary studies.

Personal support

Contact 24 hours a day

You'll be given two mobile phone numbers so you can contact Taylors staff at any time in case of emergencies.

Supporting under 18s

Caregivers liase with the school and your parents and report on your progress at school or any concerns regarding your health. 

Taylors College Caregivers are contracted to provide a list of services to you and your parents, including a 24-hour emergency telephone number and regular contact for you.

StudyCare Insurance

Taylors College offers an insurance policy for New Zealand so you are safe and secure during your time in New Zealand. Find out more >

Welfare and Counselling services

Each campus has a Student Welfare Officer who is available to assist you with a variety of personal problems.  Tertiary counsellors also monitor academic progress and provide information on university courses.  Campuses also have qualified health practitioners and personal counselling staff who are available to help students in need.

Student Activity Program

An extensive program of social and cultural activities is organised by the staff at Taylors College, including basketball, soccer, pool and table tennis competitions, special interest clubs and various other seasonal activities.  Everyone is encouraged to participate.

Student Reunion and Taylors Alumni

Taylors holds an annual student reunion for past students and you'll have the opportunity to attend the event and become a member of the Taylors College Alumni Association.

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* Does not apply to the Melbourne campus

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