Abdullah Ayub

From: Taylors High School, 2010
To: Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering, UNSW
Now: Petroleum Engineer

I am originally from Pakistan, but was brought up and raised in Kuwait. I got to know about Taylors College through an education fair in Kuwait and decided it would be the best option for me in Australia.

The best thing about Taylors High School is the social life, which is fantastic. Every day you can participate in extra-curricular activities such as competitions, international day, leadership programs and so on. It helps with your English and this encourages you to participate even more. I really enjoyed my experience at Taylors College, I felt I was heard and cared for. When I was missing home, I could always count on the student support services to help me cope. There are always people looking out for you.

Taylors High School definitely helped me develop my communication skills. When I started my course at Taylors, everyone was so friendly and I felt comfortable speaking to many different students. This also taught me how to work well in teams and made it easier to make friends.

When you first arrive, you may be home-sick – don’t worry, that’s normal! Remember there are people at Taylors High School to help you through that transition phase. Focus on the bigger reason of why you came to Australia and keep your goal in mind, and that will help you overcome your difficulties.

I had to go back to Kuwait in the middle of the semester due to an unforeseen situation and had to ask for assistance at school. Freda, the Dean of Taylors High School, was very understanding and helped me to find a solution which would minimise the impact this would have on my studies. 

Teachers at Taylors High School work closely with their students, which allows them to really understand the strengths and difficulties of each individual. This means you get more support and encouragement in the areas that really matter. I have now graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering. My advice for students coming to Australia is to come to Taylors. Be prepared and be open to new challenges.

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