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Bakhrom Majidov

April TAFY 2004
Recently graduated from Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

My educational journey started at Taylors College in Auckland. In order to get a first class education it was the most appropriate place to start!

In 2004, I enrolled in the Accelerated April Foundation programme (TAFY) which is an excellent pathway to the University. The proficiency of the teachers and the Taylors College staff helped me achieve good results in my studies. With all the skills and knowledge that I have acquired at Taylors College, I was confident and ready to face all the challenges at the university. My academic year at Taylors College was a successful pathway to New Zealand’s fastest growing university – Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

In the year 2005, when I had just started studying at Taylors College, I had no idea what Social Sciences was about. But once I started the University, I started liking it.

The first year wasn’t bad at all. I noticed the Lecturers were nice and friendly, and surprisingly could make jokes with them. At the end of the first year, while choosing the minor subjects and papers, I choose Marketing as my minor subject. Since, Social Sciences and Marketing is well integrated and is the best way to understand today’s competitive world.

In November 2007, after 3 years of study, I successfully completed my final exams and in March 2008, I participated in AUT Autumn graduation! When I was on the stage shaking hands with the Vice Chancellor, I thought to myself “I made it… I am proud of myself, helped by my parents and my teachers and lecturers! I finally finished… at last I can hold this piece of paper and call myself a Bachelor! I am standing here holding my certificate that I worked hard for the last three years! It feels good! It so does!”

But aren’t we here to achieve this goal that we aimed for when we first arrived in this country? To make ourselves, our parents who has put so much into us and our teachers proud!

Completing a bachelor degree is a small part of our life long journey. However, it is an essential part of our successful career. Therefore, I would say “It’s not the end, but just the beginning of our educational journey!”

Thank you to all of my teachers at Taylors College who were there for me all the time and good luck to the current Taylors College students for both their Foundation and University studies!

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