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Taylors Student Testimonial

Chen Rao (Ging Ging)

From China
Year 10 student at Taylors High School

I am studying year 10 at Taylors College. We have a library, we have lots of computer rooms and we have different classrooms for every subject. I enjoy it here. Chen is a girl from China, she's currently studying in Year 10 at Taylors High School in Australia.I think I study harder new because I know why I’m here and I understand what I need to do now. I want to go to university and learn to be an event manager. We have a year advisor, she will talk to us regularly, and she asks if you are feeling ok. 

I spoke to her about being homesick and it was helpful to have someone to talk to. I’m not lonely here; I can always talk to someone.

My English teacher is very funny, he uses PowerPoints to keep us interested in the information he is giving. The Teachers are helpful; they tell me to be confident and to ask lots of questions. It is easier here to improve speaking English, I think. The course has helped me to improve and helped me to review my English.

I’m living at a home stay where they provide me with food. I really like my home stay because they are feeding me a lot and the food is delicious. We are quite close. They provide me with a place to study. It is like home, but we speak different languages and sometimes we can't understand each other very well. I'm trying to improve my English, which they also help me with.

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