Why Taylors

Phuong Thao Doan

Currently a Year 12 student at Taylors College in Sydney

What city and country are you from?
I come from the South of Viet Nam, Ho Chi Minh City.

What program are you currently enrolled in?
I am currently a year 12 student at Taylors College

What do you enjoy about studying at Taylors?
I really enjoy studying at Taylors. Taylors is not only professional in teaching international students, but the school is also good at taking care of students. Teachers at Taylors are very enthusiastic, friendly, patient and highly-qualified. The teachers always change the way of teaching by using modern technology in order to make the lesson interesting and enjoyable. Furthermore, the teachers are always ready to listen and help the students to overcome any difficulties that they have. In addition, there are plenty of school events and activities which are held for the students to participate in after school – to improve their English and to make more friends. Finally, I enjoy studying at Taylors College because the college helps me to improve myself physically and mentally.

What do you love about living in this city?
Sydney is a busy and multi-cultural city and it is also a good city to live in. As international students, we always feel worried and lonely. We worry because it may be hard to adapt to new things and we feel lonely because we miss our home country, our family. People in Sydney are friendly and they help you as much as they can when you ask.

Tell me about the social activities you are involved in.
I am currently a Team leader. I help the teachers to organise school activities and assist other students at school if they need help. I am also part of the debating club, cooking and dancing club. In the cooking club, we learn how to prepare quick and easy meals. Most of the students skip breakfast and lunch because they do not have time. Therefore, the cooking club helps us to maintain our health. In the dancing club, we dance with a professional teacher. It is a good way for students to entertain and to exercise as well.

What excursions have you gone on this year? Which excursions did you like the most (and why)?
We have excursions for every subject that we study at school. This year, I have gone on Mathematics, Economics, and English excursions. I liked the English excursion most as we went to the beach, had a BBQ which is an Australian favourite and took part in favourite Australian sports such as swimming, football, rugby.

What are you planning on doing when you graduate from Taylors?
After graduation, I plan to go to university to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws degree.

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