Qian Zhu

Qian Zhu (Tom), from China
From: Taylors High School, 2006-2008
To: Bachelor of Business, UTS
Now: Marketing Manager at Le Moment Weddings

After completing Year 10 in China, my parents offered me the chance to study abroad, which I happily accepted. Arriving at Taylors High School, I quickly adapted to the new environment. The teachers were extremely supportive and making friends was easy. Studying in Australia is very different from going to school in China - here I had the opportunity to do things my own way, choosing the course I knew was right for me.

I have since completed a Bachelor of Business degree at UTS, specialising in Marketing. During my university years, I started my career in the business world. Today, I am a successful Marketing Manager in wedding production company, Le Moment Weddings!

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