Why Taylors

Jacquie Hargreaves

Deputy Principal
Taylors College Sydney

According to Jacquie Hargreaves, the best teachers deserve to get Academy Awards.

“Teaching requires the skills of an actor, advertiser and salesperson and a desire to work with people.”

In a way it’s all about performance - keeping the students interested and motivating them to reach their goals.

In Jacquie’s case, she would also be in the running for a Lifetime Achievement Awards. She’s been teaching for over 17 years.

“Despite being one of the two longest serving members of staff, the changing nature of international education has kept my interest. Teaching gives me enormous job satisfaction. I love working with people. I believe if you are going to do something then do it well.”

After 13 years as the Head of Maths, Jacquie took on the role of Dean of High School. It’s a role that offers the extra challenges of dealing with student’s well-being.

“The change has allowed me to develop further the pastoral care and welfare aspect of teaching. I enjoy meeting parents and feel proud of my students’ achievements.”

To Jacquie, her students’ successes are more priceless than any Academy Award.

“I enjoy observing my students’ progress and seeing them succeed. I find it incredibly satisfying.”

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