Why Taylors

Jenny Oglesby

Careers and Tertiary Advisor
Taylors College Melbourne

Helping students help themselves is what drives Jenny Oglesby. And she gets great joy out of seeing her students succeed.

“Taylors’ students are wonderful young people. Many of our international students have shown incredible strength and resilience. They have successfully adapted to a foreign country with a different language and culture. Despite these challenges they succeed.”

Initially setting out to be a Research Physicist, Jenny changed career paths to take on teaching. She feels fortunate to be working for Taylors College as she finds it is “a fantastic school for both teachers and students.”

“Taylors offers a unique balance between rigorous academic studies, a caring and supportive environment that values responsibility and self-discipline, and allowing young people the right to self-expression.”

Outside of Taylors, Jenny leads a fairly active life. She is a Dressage Judge and often travels interstate to judge equestrian events. She also enjoys bike riding and walking her dogs. Of all the places she’s traveled to, Mongolia rates as a favourite.

“Mongolia is a fascinating mixture of old (60% of the Mongolian people are still nomadic) and new. It has a very proud history including the conquering of much of the known world in the time of Genghis Khan.”

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