Why Taylors

Lyn Armstrong

Subject Coordinator, Commerce
Taylors College Auckland

Her work involves Teaching Accounting and Economics and administering the Commerce Department.

The top tip for learning from Lyn is to create study cards from day one of the course. The cards can be grouped into topics. The cards will be useful for learning for tests and later in the year students will have a head start in the revision process for their final examinations.

"I came to teach at Taylors College six years ago after holding teaching and leadership positions in four other New Zealand High Schools over a period of almost 40 years. I have always loved teaching and seeing my students succeed in their studies. Teaching international students has provided me with a fresh challenge in communicating my specialist subject to students for whom English is a second language.

The study of both Accounting and Economics provides the opportunity for students to apply the knowledge gained in both the mathematics and languages areas to develop new skills.

A study at foundational level in Accounting and Economics provides student with the vocabulary of Commerce that enables them to avoid the embarrassment of appearing ignorant in future work and personal financial management situations.

Despite teaching within this subject area for many years, I remain enthusiastic about teaching Accounting and Economics largely because of the dynamic nature of the subjects."

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