Why Taylors

Mario Torelli

Head of English
Taylors College Sydney

For about month in June 2006, Mario Torelli was nowhere to be found on campus.

You might have spotted him, however, amongst the tens of thousands of passionate soccer fans who congregated in Germany for the 2006 Soccer World Cup. It’s an experience that he’ll never forget.

Mario is equally as passionate about teaching.

“I am extremely delighted to be a member of a group of teachers that are enhancing the lives, education and futures of many students."

It helps that he’s a bit of a performer and is able to capture the attention and imagination of his students through his teaching.

“I feel confident in front of an audience. Having the ability to act and perform, and the ability to organise are very important in being a successful teacher.”

But in the end, its Mario’s students who truly shine.

“It always brings a tear to my eye when I see another group of graduating students, happy, excited and waiting for the next stage of their lives. Moreover it’s extremely satisfying to see that they are ready to venture into this next stage and that I and my team have been involved in this segment of their lives.”

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