Why Taylors

May Croucher

Science Coordinator
Taylors College Auckland

May's work involves Organisation of the science department at Taylors College Auckland. Teaching chemistry and mathematics with calculus.

"My work has revolved around enjoyment of science and in particular, chemistry. Teaching students of very different abilities has inspired me to write textbooks. I have published seven chemistry books and two science books for High School students at various levels. These books have all been used in NZ schools and some overseas. My interest in practical chemistry has been fostered by working in research and in industry in between times of teaching. At Forest Research in Rotorua, I was Leader of the Analytical Chemistry Group. After moving to Auckland I became involved in Quality Control for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing company. I am sure that in Chemistry you can always find some field of work that you really enjoy. It is encouraging to learn of the exciting careers that past students are now involved in.

I am married with three sons. One is using knowledge from his Ph.D. in chemistry to set up his own brewery, one has a physiotherapy practice and the third is working in finance in London."

May's top tip for learning is to be determined to understand and keep asking for guidance until you do. Top tip for enjoying life in Auckland is to get involved in activities where you can enjoy the diversity of people.

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