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Paula Gothelf

Tertiary Counsellor
Taylors College Sydney

You’ll often find Paula Gothelf laughing or making someone else laugh. It’s clearly a characteristic of someone who thoroughly enjoys her job.

As Tertiary Counsellor, Paula spends a lot of time talking to students making sure they also find jobs and careers they enjoy.

“My role is to provide the students with information, advice and counseling, helping them make the most suitable choices for their future education and life’s work, and to ensure a smooth transition to university.”

Paula started out in research before moving into teaching. But it was the ‘gift of the gab’ that eventually led her into her current job.
“Teaching provided the opportunity to discuss topics that I enjoyed. Talking to students because something that I loved and came easily which propelled me into the ‘Tertiary Counselling’ position”.

When she’s not counseling students, Paula leads a fairly active lifestyle. She loves gardening and is currently learning Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging). Rather than a relaxing holiday on the beach, Paula often opts for the physical demands of an adventure holiday – cycling down the Danube, hiking in Japan or walking in France.

Along with her love of travel, Paula is equally enthusiastic about education.

“I am passionate about education and the opportunities it provides young people. Education is attainable by everybody especially if they are motivated, can see the possibilities and are aiming for what suits them.”

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