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Ted Dawe

Director of Studies
Taylors College Auckland

If you meet Ted Dawe, ask him for his autograph – it could be worth a lot of money one day.

Ted Dawe is well known amongst the literary circles having published two novels - “Thunder Road” which won the NZ Post award for best Y.A. fiction and best first book in 2004 and then the adult novel “K Road” which came out last year.

The Book Council of New Zealand said this about Ted – “[He] doesn’t so much speak the language of teenagers as takes hold of it and turn it into something new, a kind of poetry of the street”

Ted started writing as a result of teaching students how to write for many years.

“I passionately believe that being able to express oneself in writing is a fundamental component of a well balance life”.

He is equally passionate about teaching. “I enjoy all aspects of English teaching both as a means of empowering students to fulfill their tertiary dreams and also by providing students with the tools needed for effective communication and self-expression.”

When not writing or teaching, Ted likes to escape overseas with his family. At the top of the travel destination list are Thailand and Hong Kong. You never know, you may be reading about his adventures overseas in his upcoming junior novel due to be published in the very near future.

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