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Tong Wen

Student Support Officer
Taylors College

I have been working at Taylors High School for 16 years. My days are always very busy – I deal personally with students at Taylors High School and over the phone with their parents in China.

Sometimes the parents of Chinese students come to Australia, in which case I also serve as a translator for them at the school. Coming from another country, the biggest challenges students face are the culture shock and the English language barrier.

At Taylors High School, the degree of personalisation and support services available allow students to be closely monitored in their education journey, making it possible for the student to keep up with their course.

The Australian and Chinese education systems are very different from one another. I have taught both in China and in Australia, and from my experience, the Australian system gives students more freedom to express themselves in the classroom, giving them the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills. Furthermore, being in Australia allows students to practice and improve their English faster.

We want to ensure all students have a smooth transition into the Australian Higher Education system, so we provide extensive support services, including free tutorials and a 24 hour emergency help line that all students and parents have access to.

When students first arrive in Australia, the English language barrier may be a big issue, making students keep their problems to themselves. With a Chinese speaking Student Services Officer, however, students can feel free and have a chat in their own language whenever they want. This gives students the confidence that someone will always be able to hear and understand them.

For parents considering Taylors High School, they can be confident knowing we have extensive experience in dealing with international students. The change of country, language and education system is a big step in students’ lives, but with the help of our friendly staff in Australia, and support of their parents at home, students have the chance of having a very unique and rewarding experience abroad.

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