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Jan 2013

USFP - January 2013 Newsletter


1. Excellent Graduate Results!
2. USFP End of Year Graduation Ceremony
3. A Star Alumnus of Taylors College Sydney
4. Parent Orientation at Taylors College Waterloo
5. Student Profile
6. Staff Profile

Excellent Graduate Results!

The results, once again, are outstanding!

87.6% of the Jan/April 2012 graduating students received offers to the University of Sydney in 2013 with the remainder of students being eligible for places at other universities and diploma pathways. 29 of these students received GPA 9.1 and above.

The most outstanding performance in 2012 Semester Graduating students was the DUX – TRAN Dinh Anh Nhi who was offered a place in her first preference course, B Commerce. Dinh Anh Nhi was awarded the Sue Harlen Merit Scholarship (AU$10,000) for the January/April cohort not only for her academic excellence but for her communication and leadership skills.

These students were also awarded Merit scholarships (AU$5,000) based on their academic excellence, communication and leadership skills:

  • Ha Seo Yeong
  • Sun Wenning (Peggy)
  • Choi Yunsir (Janet)

The University of Sydney 'Sydney Achievers International Scholarship' was awarded to the following three students for their academic excellence:

  • TRAN Dinh Anh Nhi
  • HA Seoyeong
  • LIU Yunjie

These scholarships are extremely valuable to the student as each receives $10,000 per year towards their undergraduate course for the duration of the course.

USFP End of Year Graduation Ceremony

On 14th November 2012 we celebrated the end of coursework for our completing USFP students – these were our January and April 2012 students and our Extra Semester July 2012 students.

This ceremony in the Great Hall at the University of Sydney marks the beginning of students' transition to the university. Chris Norton, our Principal, welcomed guests and students and Prof. Tyrone Carlin, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education Operations), University of Sydney and USFP/USyd Board of Studies member, gave an excellent address to the students. It is a very special day with many photos taken, brilliant musical items, as well as academic excellence awards to our top students. The ceremony ended with a wonderful speech by 3 of our completing students which was followed by refreshments in the famous quadrangle.

A Star Alumnus of Taylors College Sydney

An amazing alumnus, Edith Claudia ATMADJA, of the University of Sydney Foundation program was spotted in the Indo Media magazine in Sydney. Edith graduated in 2004 and was also a DUX of the September 2003 Cohort. She completed her USFP (Commerce Stream) with an outstanding GPA of 9.1.

Edith started learning the Piano at the age of 3 from her mother. She also obtained AMusA from the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) when she was in High School. She passed with distinction and joined the High Scorer's Concerts for both DipABRSM and LRSM from the Assoc Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM). After completing her B.Commerce at the University of Sydney she moved on to pursue her Masters of Commerce degree. After which she continued to follow her dream, which was her passion for playing the piano.

Apart from being a brilliant Commerce student, Edith also obtained several achievements in Music. To mention a couple – 1st Prize of Yamaha national Piano Competition representing Indonesia in Japan, and performing at the Sydney Opera House.

Edith is currently the Music Director of Seraphim Music Studio in Surabaya, Indonesia.

The fact that she graduated from Taylors College, makes us very proud. We wish her all the very best for the bright future she has ahead of her.

Parent Orientation at Taylors College Waterloo

Parents are encouraged to attend their own Orientation at Waterloo campus.

The two hour Orientation with the Deputy Principal is held on the first day of their child's Orientation. Vietnamese and Chinese interpreters are available.

Parent Orientation gives parents an opportunity to:

  • Learn how the GPA or HSC works
  • Learn how they can help their child succeed
  • Learn about our Student Support Services
  • Take a campus tour
  • Ask questions
  • Network

The next Parent Orientations will take place from:

  • 11am on Wednesday 30th January 2013 for Standard USFP and High School Parents, and
  • 11am on 4th February for Extended USFP parents.

USFP Parents who would like to attend should email TGu@studygroup.com to register their interest.

High School Parents who would like to attend should email VPornrattanapitak@studygroup.com to register their interest.

Student Profile

Yunjie LIU completed the USFP (Engineering) – Jan 2012 standard intake, with an overall GPA of 9.6. He will be commencing the Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) at the University of Sydney in 2013. Yunjie LIU was also awarded the Sydney Achievers International Scholarship by the University of Sydney for his outstanding academic achievement which is AU$10,000 / annum for the full duration of his Bachelor program!

What country are you from?
China, Shanghai

Why did you choose to attend Taylors College?
USFP is a pathway to the University of Sydney which is one of the best universities in Australia.

What do you like about Taylors College?
Taylors has a wonderful environment to study. The teachers are friendly and there are lots of interesting activities on campus.

Why did you come to Australia to study?
Australia is a friendly and peaceful country for international students. It also has lots of highly ranked universities.

What job would you like to work in when you have finished your study?
Mechanical or electrical engineer.

Would you recommend your program to family or friends back home?
Yes. USFP is the first choice for students who want to study at the University of Sydney.

What did you like most about studying in this city (Sydney)?
The peaceful environment and beautiful parks. It's a wonderful place to study and live.

Staff Profile

Paul Mahony, Director of Studies (TELP), has been working at Taylors College since 2006 and has been the Director of Studies since 2009. Paul was a high school English teacher for thirty years before coming to Taylors College. He has recently completed a MTESOL degree and is currently undertaking a M.Ed., which he hopes to complete by June. Paul has a reputation for initiating new and exciting English language programs enabling TELP students to have every opportunity for English language learning success.

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