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Nov 2012


1. UWA University Hall
2. SIFE National Champions Visit Taylors

University of Western Australia Foundation Program

3. Top Scholars Program
4. Taylors' Best and Brightest Meet Nobel Prize Laureate
5. University of Western Australia Faculty Showcase – Claremont Campus
6. Taylors Students Take on Adventure World

Taylors Diploma of Commerce

7. Taylors College Diploma of Commerce Lunch
8. Diploma of Commerce Student Profile
9. Andrew Williams Profile

UWA University Hall

Special opening offer! Currie Hall has undergone a major expansion project over the last 12 months, increasing capacity by 500 beds, and will become known as University Hall in 2013 coinciding with the University's centenary year. Taylors College has committed to doubling its current capacity and will now have 44 rooms over 2 floors, available for UWAFP and Diploma students.

As a special opening offer, they are offering one month of free accommodation for all bookings received between 22/10/12 - 17/12/12. This is an enticing offer that will help secure beds and encourage enrolments for 2013.

Click here for a downloadable copy of the promotion.

SIFE National Champions Visit Taylors

On Tuesday 30 October, led by Jasmin Sekhon, members of Australia's National Title Winning SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) Team from the University of Western Australia visited the Taylors College campus. The team recently returned from competing in the SIFE World Cup in Washington where they made it to the semi-finals, but were pipped at the post by Egypt who joined Zimbabwe, India and the United States in the finals.

Working with a small group of Taylors students, they played the Finance for Life game – one of their very popular projects. They also spoke about a number of other community-minded, ecologically sustainable projects they are currently involved in. This visit was a highlight for all of the students involved.

Taylors College students and the Taylors College campus have now been involved in at least two of SIFE's current projects – the reSHOE project (collecting shoes on-campus to be sent to local vendors for re-sale in developing countries) and the Fair Trade Pop-Up Shop. It has been a great opportunity for Taylors students to interact with UWA students and faculty staff, and see how they can apply their business and entrepreneurial skills to help those in need. For more information on SIFE's impressive repertoire of projects, click here.


University of Western Australia Foundation Program

Top Scholars program

This Program identifies top academically able students early in their Foundation Program and provides them with the opportunity to study an appropriate Level 1 UWA Unit while undertaking their UWAFP studies.

The benefits of this Program are:

  • To recognise and challenge very academically able students
  • To attract other very academically able students to the Program
  • To encourage these students to take up full courses at UWA

This Program applies to all students entering the UWAFP. Students are eligible to enter the Top Scholars' Program if, during their first one or two terms of study, they:

  • achieve an overall average of 80% or more
  • achieve an average of 55% or more in all English units
  • are formally recommended by a College Faculty
  • are subsequently selected by the Dean of Foundation

One student from each of the three College Faculties (English/Humanities, Maths/Science, Business/IT) will be selected.

The two UWA intakes per year will enable six students to access this opportunity annually.

In July 2012, three students, from the January 2012 UWAFP standard program, were chosen and happily accepted to become the first 'Top Scholars' to begin their studies at UWA in Semester 2 July 2012. They were chosen not only for academic results, but also for their sense of maturity which was noted by college staff. They are:

  • HILMY ZAINI, Nadia Aqila Binti (Malaysia) – Commerce
  • LEE, Wei Liang (Zeda) (Singapore) – Science
  • KUA, Keat Hou (Kenneth) (Singapore) – Science

During week 1 of term 3, the students enrolled as UWA students and began semester 2 at the end of July.

Nadia chose to study a compulsory level 1 unit for Commerce students, Kenneth also chose to begin with a unit from his area of study, the Arts, whilst Zeda decided to take up a broadening unit in the Arts instead of a Science unit.
The students have been attending both lectures and tutorials, and although it is challenging, they are performing very well already whilst also continuing to maintain their high GPA in the UWAFP.

Taylors' Best and Brightest Meet Nobel Prize Laureate

A group of Taylors College students who are hoping to study medicine at The University of Western Australia were lucky enough to meet Nobel Prize laureate, Professor Barry Marshall last Wednesday 24 October.

Professor Marshall is based at UWA Claremont, also home to Taylors College, and takes regular Mandarin lessons from the nearby UWA Confucius Institute. Coinciding with a photoshoot and interview for UWA's Uniview Magazine, he took the opportunity to meet some very excited UWA Foundation Program students, who spent the previous day researching Professor Marshall's work and came armed with insightful questions and topics to discuss with him.

Marshall proudly and carefully displayed his gold medal and shared the story of how he came to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2005 for his discovery of the bacterium, Helicobacter pylori, which causes gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. His research, which involved him ingesting the bacteria himself and developing gastritis, reversed decades of medical opinion that ulcers were caused by stress, acid and spicy foods, and has helped develop a greater understanding of the causes of stomach cancer. It was an inspiring visit for our Taylors students who one day hope to follow in Professor Marshall's footsteps.

Back row, left to right: Kim Jin, Melissa Tan, Rylan Ho, Nadiah Nasir and Gene Lim
Front row, left to right: Professor Barry Marshall, Kearney Tan and Sammi Chin


University of Western Australia Faculty Showcase – Claremont Campus

On Tuesday 23 October, UWA faculty representatives set-up shop at the Claremont campus for the bi-annual Faculty Showcase. Designated booths, balloons and free popcorn set the scene as the Student Common Area was transformed into an exhibition hall, ensuring a great turnout of students.

University staff from Commerce, Arts, Science, Law, Architecture, Engineering, Medicine & Dentistry and Study Abroad were available throughout the morning to answer detailed questions from UWAFP and High School students about such things as entry requirements, course structures, job outcomes, etc. The faculty staff also presented to full houses of students in the individual faculty information sessions, where an overview of the faculty was provided and the many majors and study options were explained. Students came away with a wealth of information and brochures to better inform their choice of degree options at UWA.


Taylors Students Take on Adventure World

On Saturday 20 October, 47 Taylors students (including TELP, UWAFP and Alumni) descended on one of Perth's most loved amusement parks, Adventure World. The weather turned on a glorious day, with sunshine and 27 degrees, as students enjoyed more than 30 thrill rides and waterslides. A particular favourite was the Tunnel of Terror, which involved hurtling through the dark in a two-person tube with the water pumping out at 225 litres per second, followed closely by the Speed Slides, which saw students and staff getting airborne racing down Alpine Mountain at 66km/hour! A truly exhilarating experience, but just what was needed to reinvigorate tired minds as mid-term assessments approach.

Students spent the rest of the day exploring the attractions of the park, which is the size of 120 football fields and has over $20 million worth of rides, set amongst beautiful shady trees and grassed areas. Those seeking a little less adrenaline-charged activities had the opportunity to get up close and personal with kangaroos, koalas, wombats and dingos in the Aussie Wildlife Experience, enjoy the scenic views on the relaxing Sky Lift ride to the top of the park, or shoot water cannons at each other on the bumper boats. Everyone had a great day! A big thank you to the staff who came along and helped out on the day.


Taylors College Diploma of Commerce

Taylors College Diploma of Commerce Lunch

On Thursday 6 September, a lunch was held to officially welcome the Taylors College Diploma of Commerce students to the program. The Diploma, which commenced in Perth in March, has welcomed students from a diverse range of backgrounds, including Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa and Sri Lanka, who have an equally diverse variety of life experiences and educational qualifications to date. The program provides students with an alternative pathway to University of Western Australia's (UWA) Business School at second year, and is delivered by UWA and Taylors College staff at the Taylors campus at UWA Claremont.

The lunch was an opportunity for the March and July Diploma students to get to know each other better and chat with teachers and staff outside of the classroom. It was also a great opportunity for staff to receive feedback about the new program which, whilst challenging, seems to be meeting and exceeding students' expectations as a first-year university equivalent program. Program Coordinator, Judith Birmingham, has said of the program that the small class sizes and intimate setting at the campus really allows her to get to know and monitor her students better and she is thoroughly enjoying her involvement with the course.


Diploma of Commerce Student Profile

Jakub Dolezel from Slovakia is currently undertaking the Taylors College Diploma of Commerce.

He knew where he wanted to study – University of Western Australia.

"I realised that I need some help to prepare me for university studies including English preparation. I found Taylors College and the slogan "preparation for university success" helped me to make my decision. Every day, Taylors College gave me energy, motivation and knowledge. It gave me the understanding and preparation for everything that I need at university level including writing, language and effective communication skills, not forgetting good friendships. Taylors College as exceeded all my expectations by a mile."


Andrew Williams Profile

Since obtaining his PhD from UWA in 2007, Andrew Williams has been lecturing in Economics at the Business School. In particular, his teaching has been focussed on the first year Microeconomics course, a course he loves to teach because it enables him to show the role that economics plays in everyday life (whether we realise it or not!). He has been fortunate enough to win several awards in both teaching and research at the Business School, and he prides himself on his ability to impart his enthusiasm for economics to his students. His experience in this unit at UWA also allows him to compare in a very direct way the quality of the students in the Diploma course at Taylor College. The standard he sets in his Economics units in the Diploma is quite high, as he wants to ensure students are ready when they finally move to UWA in their second year.

"I have certainly been impressed with the quality of the students in the Diploma course, and their willingness to work hard to achieve their goals. The Diploma course is an excellent pathway for students to ultimately attain their degree from a prestigious university, and I am extremely happy to be a part of this journey for students."


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