Why Taylors

David Berry

Campus Director
Taylors College Perth

Holding the attention of first year students during a Physics class is a challenge many would understandably shy away from – but David Berry, relishes the opportunity.

It helps that he is a self proclaimed organiser who knows a lot can be achieved with a little hard work.

“I tell all my students to work hard, seize the moment and the world can be theirs.”

Teaching runs in the family with David following in the footsteps of an older sister.

“My sister attracted me to the profession. Initially I found it difficult but over 30 years I have grown to love it.”

Having taught for 9 years in the Middle East, South Africa and England, David found the unique cultural experiences “mind-blowing”. Teaching at Taylors has allowed him to build on this experience by helping to provide successful learning environments for ESL students.

“I love working at Taylors because of the international flavour of the campus. It’s a professional organization but with a heart – the staff really care for the students”.

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