Why Taylors

Martin Zhang

Head of Department - Languages & Creative Arts
Taylors College

Taylors High School provides a cross-cultural environment. Our school is specialised and much experienced in providing international education. The school takes pride in its highly qualified teaching staff and proven track record.

We are like a big family in which everyone likes to help each other. The Australian education system is quite different from that of China. In China, teachers and parents usually tell the students what and how to learn. In Australia, students are encouraged and taught to be responsible for their own learning. Furthermore, China’s classrooms are normally teacher-centered.

In Australia, learner-centered teaching is common practice. This means that, apart from learning from books, students are encouraged to gain hands-on working experience, problem-solving skills and higher-order thinking. Students at Taylors High School can get extensive support from the Dean, year advisors and their teachers. This is further reinforced by student support services, a strong network of student leaders and scheduled tutorials to help those who need additional assistance and support. There are not many schools that offer such all-round care and support.

When choosing a school, you need to consider the school’s location, reputation, teaching facilities, culture, and above all, the school’s mission and its goal as well as its teaching staff. I certainly believe Taylors High School is the wise choice for you. You will surely have a highly rewarding experience at Taylors.

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